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Thoughts on Working from Home and Staying Connected

We understand the value of working from home. Lots of our customers have taken a second look at their wireless plan in order to find the best carrier to fit their work-from-home needs. However, we understand that there are plenty of people who are being forced to telework due to COVID-19. It’s creating a whole host of new problems, and it definitely takes time to adjust to these new circumstances. We put together a list for everyone who’s still getting used to this work-from-home lifestyle.

First, set expectations for yourself and for your team.

Whether you’re working on a team or self-employed, you need to be realistic about how teleworking might impact your productivity. While we’ll give you as much info as possible in order to help boost that productivity, start by first determining how your workload might shift. If you’re working on a team, communicate any of those changes upfront.

Create a home office - or corner.

Not all of us are blessed enough to have an entire room to spare for a home office. We’re balancing kids and roommates and pets, all of whom are also at home hanging out with us. However, as much as possible, create a space where you can focus. Find a comfortable chair and a sturdy surface for your computer. Try to avoid any Netflix here, and mute those iMessage notifications. This is your place to focus, and it’ll create a sense of professionalism to have a dedicated workspace.

Stick to a schedule.

We’ve all been there: it’s 3am on a Friday night (or should we say Saturday morning), and somehow you’ve powered through a few seasons of your favorite TV show. It’s an easy pattern to slide into, but it’s not a sustainable schedule when you’re balancing your 9-5. At the beginning of each week, create a schedule that mimics your typical workday when you’re going into the office. Save those TV binges for the weekend, and roll out of bed before noon in order to start your Mondays off on a somewhat normal foot.

Stay in touch with coworkers, about deadlines and the latest episode of The Bachelor.

If you’re used to catching up with coworkers in between meetings or during your lunch break, try to continue these habits as much as possible. As more and more of us stay home, loneliness is going to be a real issue, both personally and for our productivity. Log on a few minutes early to a meeting if you can, or Slack message your work buddy about the movie you watched last night. These distractions can keep us connected to those we care about and avoid any feelings of isolation.

Lastly, where we come in: Check your tech.

If you’re relying on technology in order to get the job done, make sure you’re using the most updated options out there. Keep your chargers handy, and update your software if you’re overdue. If you’re able, bring any devices home from work, including a computer monitor, mouse, or headset. You’re also going to be using your phone more than ever. Request a free quote from Cellfee to see if it’s time to upgrade your phone plan, too.

We’re all experiencing a whole new way of living and working. Please stay safe and stay home if you can. Reach out to loved ones, and we’ll pull through this together. In the meantime, follow the above tips to smooth the transition to your 9-5 office to a 9-5 living room. Cellfee is here to make sure you’re updated with the best wireless plan to carry you through. Blessings to you and your family!

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