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The new iPhone SE is in the House

Whenever Apple drops a new iPhone model, there are typically some swoon worthy updates. Unfortunately, that also means that there’s a hefty price tag attached to the new features. Not this time around! Apple’s newest model, the iPhone SE, combines some of their sharpest technology with affordability. They say it themselves with the phone’s tagline: “Lots to love. Less to spend.” The new iPhone model is in line with what we do at Cellfee - finding the most effective technology at the most affordable price.

While our wallets are pretty happy about the iPhone SE, the technology is still there, too! The iPhone SE contains the A13 Bionic chip, also found in the iPhone 11. This chip is the fastest that Apple makes, and it can handle your calls, games, texts - you name it. You also get portrait mode, meaning your profile pictures will also be getting a big upgrade. You’re getting four times the detail than that available in 1080p HD video with the new 4k video, too. Charge up all of this technology with its wireless charger!

The phone’s physical features are also a big upgrade. It’s water-resistant for 30 minutes and dust-resistant. The phone also sits comfortably in your hand, mimicking the size of the iPhone 8. You can binge an entire Netflix series on your phone and then easily slip it back into your pocket when you’re on the move.

In order to downsize that price tag, you will be sacrificing a few features. Instead of being able to unlock your phone with Apple’s face recognition technology, you’ll be back to using a home button and Touch ID, which relies on your fingerprint to unlock the phone. You’re also missing out on the color options of the iPhone 11, so no lavender phone this time around (or yellow or green). While some people like the fact that you can slide the SE into your pocket, you are dealing with a smaller screen than some of the other new models, like the iPhone X and 11.

Nonetheless, techies have rejoiced over this new iPhone. It has the technology of the $1000 iPhone 11, but it is less than $10 a month when you sign a two-year contract. Using CellFee, you can also chat with the four largest carriers in order to find the most cost-effective plan to use your new iPhone SE. We’re all here for new tech, but our goal at the end of the day is saving you money. With that in mind, it’s all thumbs up for the new iPhone SE!

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