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Saved $50-$100 on your Wireless Bill? Here are some Suggestions to Maximize your Space.

Everyone is still figuring out a “new normal” amidst the chaos and spread of the coronavirus.

As everyone is adjusting to a new normal, lots of us have some spare time on our hands. While most of us are also getting pretty comfortable hanging out at home, you’re probably realizing some not-so-great aspects about your house. Does that apartment feel just a bit too small now? Is the kitchen cluttered no matter how organized you think you are? That’s where we’ll help you today!

By using Cellfee, you can save $50-100 a month. Compare your current phone plan to your other options, message all of the major carriers in our convenient app, and see the savings start to roll in. Today, we have a list of some of our favorite tools to make that apartment seem bigger and that kitchen seem Pinterest-worthy. As a bonus, everything is $50 or less. Switch to Cellfee, save money, and upgrade your house – your new favorite place to hang – with all of your newfound time.

Maximize space anywhere you can find it. If you’re tight for space, find creative ways to use every inch of the space you do have.

1. How much more fun will it be to eat our daily fruits and vegetables when they’re hanging from the ceiling instead of cluttering up our kitchen counter?

3-Tier Metal Hanging Kitchen Basket $39.99

2. Make use of your corners with a unique bookshelf that’ll conveniently fit

where no other furniture will go. Lundquist Corner Bookcase $43.99

3. A storage ottoman may seem a bit boring, but consider how cozy your next Netflix binge will be when you can find all your blankets conveniently folded up and you have a place to put your feet up. Essex Storage Ottoman $49.99

Tidy up as much as possible. Making sure that everything has a designated “space” makes cleaning up that much easier. Check out our favorite ways to spend those Cellfee savings while keeping our spaces nice and clean.

1. Even if you’re outfit of the day consists of your favorite sweatpants as you’re working from home, you’ll inevitably have to do laundry at some point. Might as well keep it clean with a cool looking laundry basket. Bonus points for shopping an Etsy small business during the shutdown! Premium Laundry Basket $29.99

2. As easy as it is to kick off your shoes once you’ve gone on your daily walk – six feet apart from anyone – your place is going to look so much more organized when your shoes have a place to call home. Homebi 4-Tier Shoe Rack $24.99

3. Sharing a bathroom with roommates, kids, or spouses can get a little hectic. At Cellfee, we’re all about making your life easier. Save some space with a Lazy Susan under your sink and access bottles of lotion, body wash and cleaning products with a spin. $23.99 The Home Edit Divided Lazy Susan.

Create the feeling of space, even when you don’t have any to spare! Just by switching your cell phone plan using Cellfee, you can save enough money to make your space feel even bigger – even if cleaning isn’t your thing no matter how much time you have.

1. A mirror reflects light and immediately makes a tiny room feel more spacious. Who knew a cell phone service could turn you into an interior decorator?

Arlo Rattan Arch Wall Mirror $99

2. Having light-colored decorations on your walls works kind of like the mirror trick does. It adds space even when you feel like there’s no way you can squeeze past your roommate one more time on your work-from-home lunch breaks. More bonus points for supporting artists during the health crisis!

Los Angeles Area Beach Wall Art 32" x 24" $57

3. Extra lighting is always a good call, and a lamp can brighten up any space in a much cozier way than an overhead light. You’ll also be able to see much clearer than relying on your phone flashlight when going for a midnight snack.

Crystal Croix Table Lamp $83

Believe it or not, we’re even better with cell phones than we are with interior decorating! Make sure to use Cellfee to research whether you should Switch your cell phone plan or stay put, knowing that you’re getting the best wireless pricing. Then, you’ll have more than enough to upgrade your space and make it the best home/office/hangout possible.

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