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Meet Photographer Jules Kennedy

Jules has an ethereal look that has resonated with dozens of Fashionistas on Instagram.

Jules continues to thrive and expand her bookings as a photographer in Chicago.

"Business has been really great this year. I've found Instagram to be an awesome tool to show my work and connect with potential clients. It's gained me a good amount of business just because it's so easy for people to connect with me and follow my photography."

How was your weekend?

My weekend was great! Taught some yoga and had a few photo shoots. Unfortunately the rain postponed a couple shoots until next weekend.

First things, first, are you Nikon or Canon?

Well, I got my first DSLR camera from my Dad, Christmas of my senior year of high school and for whatever reason, we had both agreed Canon was the best choice. I liked the design and thought it was just a bit more user friendly. So, I never really looked back after that and shoot with the Canon 5D Mark iii.

Taking a step back, how was Indiana University? Were you thinking of a more pure play art school like Columbia or did you find IU to have plenty to offer in terms of writing, art classes and perhaps a creative atmosphere.

I loved IU. I never imagined myself ending up there, but it was so wonderful that I did. My freshman year of college, I attended Texas Christian University, but felt something was lacking from my experience. I decided to transfer to IU, hoping I would find what I was looking for and I did. IU's culture was perfect for a creative soul like mine. I felt challenged and accepted and liberated all at the same time.

Who are or were a few of your favorite artists? Either old masters or new local artists that are lesser known?

I follow some amazing artists on Instagram. Martina Matencio and Jesse Herzog are two portrait photographers I'm incredibly inspired by. I love the mood and design of their work. I've also always loved Ben Sasso's work and his commitment to education. He has some very helpful tips...a classic photographer I admire would be Ansel Adams of course...I could look at his landscapes for hours.

Who was one of your first clients? Was it a friend or someone out of the blue?

I can't remember who my first client was...that's a tough question! But I got into portrait and editorial photography probably from my friend Courtney. We would shoot together every week the last couple years of college because she had a blog called Mimosas and Manhattan and I wanted to build my portfolio. We had so much fun doing that...

Can you think of anything you've learned through interacting with your clients?

I would say creating trust between you and your client is one of the most important things you can do. I always want my client to feel like they are in good hands right off the bat. I want them to feel comfortable and free to be themselves. That's when we create the best work together.

You mentioned that you donate a % of profits to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Can you talk about that a little?

Yeah, when I started my business, I knew I wanted to give a percentage of the profits to an organization I believed in and cared about. My mother passed away from breast cancer in 2000, so it's always been a topic close to my heart. After doing some research, I felt most connected to the work of BCRF because of their commitment to research and finding a cure.

If you're not coordinating your next shoot, wrapping up a shoot, editing and meeting clients, what do you do?

I'm equally photography and yoga obsessed. Don't go a day without either. I was never really skeptical of yoga because I had grown up in a similar background with gymnastics, so I quickly caught on and saw the benefits. It has tremendous mind-body effects. My mind feels much clearer and focused after practicing yoga. I always feel lighter in my mind and body.

What's on your Spotify? What kind of music do you like? It definitely depends on my mood. I love 70s classic soft rock like Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Elton John. I also love pop/electronic/folk like Alt-J, Milky Chance, Tame Impala...and I've gotten back into classical lately when I flow or create. I love Ludovico Einaudi.

To wrap, what kind've phone do you carry around, who's your carrier?

I have an iPhone 7s with Verizon. I had AT&T briefly in 2011 or around then, and then switched back to Verizon for better rates and I've been happy with my service.

Julie Kennedy can be reached here.

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