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Feeling Shelter Burn Out? We are too!

Everyone is still figuring out a “new normal” amidst the chaos and spread of the coronavirus. Last week, Cellfee tried to help you figure out how to create a bit of normalcy with your work schedule. However, we also get that your life keeps going even when you get to sign out of your work Slack channels. Your gyms, bars, and favorite hotspots are likely shut down at the moment. While we fully support finding creative ways to help these local businesses, you’re also going to need to find some new ways to meet the same goals.

That’s why we’re here this week with a whole new slew of ideas -- the ways to make the most of your phone when you’re staying put at your apartment or house. Read on to figure out how to get in a good sweat, catch up on the newest TV shows, and stay up to date with friends. And, because we’re Cellfee, we’re all about saving you money. All of the below ideas are Free!

Break a sweat! A number of gyms are offering free services and live workouts in order to help people stay in shape as their traditional gyms are closing down. Feel free to try a few different services at a time, or stagger out your free trials in order to stretch out your options.

  1. Orange Theory Fitness: You might have friends who’ve tried “OT.” Their claim to fame is the reliance on science. Participants wear a heart monitor throughout the workout in order to try to stay in a target range. At-home participants don’t need any fancy equipment though - they’re releasing 30-minute workouts each day that rely on items you have lying around the house. If you’re into cardio and strengthening, throw on your favorite music and try out OT.

  1. Yoga by Adriene: If you’re into something a bit more lowkey, and with a lot more stretching, try any of the many yoga videos offered on this Youtube channel. There are a ton of different options, so you can try a quick 5-minute routine or commit to a 30-day schedule. All you need is a mat or a beach towel!

  1. Tone It Up: Maybe cardio or yoga aren’t your thing, or you’re looking for a bit of everything! The Tone It Up app offers yoga, strengthening, kickboxing, and HIIT training. They’re offering 30 days free on their app. The TIU app offers structured programs, on-demand standalone workouts, or live options taught by their founders at the TIU studio. They also have a large online community if accountability is your thing - just try #TIUteam!

Cozy up on the couch. Whether you’re relaxing after hitting the (virtual) gym or just need some downtime, tons of streaming services are also offering extended free trials or completely free access to their online options.

  1. SLING Free Experience: Sling TV offers a number of different live and on-demand options for free. All of their news channels are free and accessible on any device in order to keep customers informed due to the COVID-19 health crisis. If you’re a fan of the 5:00 news as is but don’t have a way to currently watch, Sling has got your back.

  1. Netflix: If you still don’t have your own Netflix account - or a friend’s or coworker’s or cousin’s - they offer 30 days for a free trial. While you do have to enter payment details, they’ll give you a heads up before your account is charged. Now’s the time to catch up on their original content and all of your favorite TV shows (minus Friends, of course).

  1. YouTube TV: YouTube is typically known for their wide array of videos, but they’ve expanded into the streaming business now, too. While their free trials are a bit shorter, ranging from 7 days to 3 weeks, they offer the best of all other platforms. They have shows on-demand, live TV, and a DVR option to record all of your favorites.

Hang out with a friend (virtually). Now’s the time to find creative ways to stay connected with people you care about. While your favorite in-person activities may be canceled at the moment, there are plenty of ways to transfer them to a safer online option.

  1. Take a class together. Over 450 Ivy League classes are being offered for free online! While you can choose to pay for a certificate, the coursework and lectures are all available at no cost. Pick your favorite subject, grab a friend, and take a class that interests you. Having a buddy for a classmate will give you something to talk about and keep you a bit more accountable!

  1. See the world. Lots of people are canceling trips or postponing them because of travel restrictions. While we’re all in favor of a weekend getaway, move those trips online for the time being. There are a ton of museums and galleries offering online tours. It isn’t an ideal way to see the world’s greatest wonders, but it’ll definitely keep you busy. Tour the same place as a friend to get their thoughts, too!

  1. Start a book club. You might think of your grandparents when you hear “book club.” However, now’s the time to crack open a book and get your pal’s opinions on it. You can use any platform, like Google Hangouts or Zoom, to meet up and discuss along the way. Bonus points if you pick a book with a movie adaptation - now’s the time to check out both! The Kindle app offers free versions of the classics to get you started.

Let us know how you’re staying entertained! In the meantime, feel free to check out You’ll be able to cut costs on your phone plan in between your new workouts, TV shows, and book clubs.

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