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5G iPhone 12 Coming in November

At Cellfee, we keep our ears to the ground when it comes to any big cell phone news. We always want to make sure you have the newest tech on the strongest mobile plan for the lowest cost. That’s why we were so excited to grab a few leaked details about Apple’s latest, the iPhone 12, via Forbes. Read on to learn what features are on the way!

Apple is the industry leader when it comes to consistently unveiling new technology. They’ve used this strategy to sell over 2 billion iPhones since the original launched in 2007. The iPhone 12 is no exception. For starters, sneak peaks and leaks have indicated that the phone will come in three sizes. The biggest physical difference? Apple will be offering a downsized version for those of us who like our phones to literally always be in our pocket! There will be a new 5.4-inch model, which comes in smaller than any of the current iPhone 11 options.

The technology will be upgraded, too. Current iPhone 11 models run on the A13 bionic chip. Apple has been improving this technology and plans to update to an A14 chip in the next model. The display is also reported to be even clearer, meaning a better Netflix binge available right on your phone! Paired with this better screen is also an improved speaker system -- ideal for those of us who haven’t jumped onto the airpod bandwagon quite yet.

We’re still waiting to hear how the camera might be updated, as many people speculate Apple is going to make some improvements to the already strong camera found in the iPhone 11. There is also a rumor that the new phone will have a Smart Connector. This feature is already common on iPads and facilitates connection between other devices, like a wireless keyboard. Only time - or additional speculation - will tell how these new features will be incorporated!

However, we’re sure you can guess our favorite detail that’s been revealed about the new iPhone. Apple is reportedly going to release the smallest model at a lower price, making it that much more accessible for individuals who need an upgrade but can’t spare all of the cash. As you wait for this new model to drop, make sure to continue using Cellfee to ensure you have the best mobile plan for your current needs (and current iPhone)!

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